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Logistics advantage of American special line

Release date: 2/28/2022 click: 157

The United States special line logistics is the centralized sorting of goods in China, and the time limit for loading direct flights to Hong Kong is 2-3 days. The customs clearance and Priority service of USPS are completed locally by the agent of the United States special line logistics. The local delivery is 100% completed within 3 days, and the signature record can be checked, the overall time limit is controlled within 6 working days. PO BOX address. American Express logistics fast aging, flexible operation, suitable for the delivery of high-value, time-sensitive items, and most areas do not need to charge remote area surcharges.


Logistics advantage of American special line

1. Limitation guarantee.

The United States special line logistics adopts the transport flight and operation process of DHL express. The time from receiving the goods to flying to the United States is controlled within 1-3 days (except for special circumstances). After arriving in the United States, the United States Postal Service will deliver the goods.

2, the price is economical, the price is equal to the postal package, but the time is equal to the commercial express, the cost performance is very high. At present, the special line in the United States is promoted, and the price gap is not big with China Mail;

3. Track the whole process online and check the delivery information in real time;

4, the United States special line for you to change the location of the goods, to achieve the delivery service in the United States.

Although the FBA forwarder does serve the owner, the owner and forwarder are equal in essence. American special line logistics saves the first leg cost: The Marine first leg service of domestic FBA logistics is specially designed for B2C cross-border e-commerce sellers. Compared with traditional Marine LCL service, the starting volume is lower, the charging items are more concise, and the overall cost is lower, which can help you greatly reduce the cost of FBA first leg.

Personalized U.S. dedicated line logistics reduces the risk of FBA inventory overhang caused by slow sales: products stored in FBA warehouses are associated with accounts, and the same products cannot be sold in multiple accounts. In this way, the same products may be sold out in some FBA warehouses, but not in other warehouses. Using FBA first leg overseas warehouse and transhipment in batches can effectively avoid the above risks and help you maximize profits. Therefore, in daily work, both sides had better have a friendly attitude, to meet things can be based on communication, to believe that if the communication is proper, many problems can be solved. Many shippers often take out breach clauses in the work, which on the one hand will affect the enthusiasm of the freight forwarder. On the other hand, if you blindly blame, the freight forwarder can not understand the needs of the owners, and the work efficiency will be reduced a lot, which is more than worth the loss for the owners.