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The time of FBA logistics to America

Release date: 6/17/2021 click: 417

It takes about 20 hours to fly from our country to the United States, and the time of air transportation for FBA logistics in the United States is about seven days. Because the goods should be sent to the fba warehouse after they arrive at the destination, rather than only referring to the time of arrival in the United States, our international logistics can provide professional FBA logistics transportation services for the majority of sellers. Special line transportation guarantees the time of arrival of your goods.

American air special line: Limitation: 7-10 days, double customs clearance, tariff, delivery to the door, fast and on time.

American express special line: limitation: 5-8 days, double customs clearance, tariff, delivery to the door, a good choice for urgent mail!

American Marine special line: Limitation: 20 days or so, double clearance to the door, most goods choice.


Using FBA can help sellers improve the ranking of listing, increase the exposure rate of products, and thus improve the transaction rate of products. In addition, if the seller uses FBA, the seller's products will be recommended first and can help the seller become a featured seller.

1, the United States FBA logistics goods in the warehouse, before shipping goods, the sender must coordinate with the import of goods clearance and signing matters, to ensure that after the goods arrive in the local customs clearance contact will cooperate with the service provider or customs clearance agent to deal with the goods clearance matters.

2. For FBA logistics in the United States, the shipping invoice must indicate the company name, address, specific contact person and contact information of the real importer (buyer or customs clearance agent) (telephone number, mobile phone number and email address).

3. In order to avoid the detention of the goods due to the tariff problem, the US FBA goods are stored in the warehouse. Please confirm the tariff payer before shipping the goods.

4. The sender and the importer shall coordinate the receipt of the goods, confirm whether the goods arrive at the warehouse in good condition and deliver as soon as possible, so as to avoid missing or wrong receipt. In case of misdelivery or omission of the goods, the supplier is unable to investigate due to the failure of the importer or recipient to provide detailed package information, the goods may not be able to claim, and the senders shall bear all the responsibilities and expenses.

Many people will choose the way of FBA logistics to send the goods to the fba warehouse, because air transportation can ensure the time limit of the arrival of the goods, and the price is relatively moderate, especially now in the peak season, warehouse inventory has become the top priority of the overall operation, if you choose the way of express inventory, then the freight will occupy a large proportion. Choosing sea transportation can not guarantee the time limit, so air transportation is the most appropriate FBA logistics transportation mode.