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Introduction to FBA air transport process

Release date: 8/10/2022 click: 623

01 Power of Attorney

After the freight forwarder and the freight forwarder confirm the transportation price and service conditions, the freight forwarder will give the shipper a blank "Consignment Letter". The shipper will fill in the consignment letter truthfully and fax or return it to the freight forwarder.

The FBA air consignment document shall contain the following enclosures: Shipper, consignee, airport of departure, airport of destination, required route/application for booking space, declared value for transportation, declared value for Customs, amount insured, matters to be handled, documents attached to waybill, actual gross weight, type of freight rate, billed weight, rate, name and quantity of goods, signature of shipper, date, etc.


02 Commodity Inspection

The forwarder will check whether the letter of authorization is complete, know whether the goods need commodity inspection, and cooperate with the goods that need commodity inspection.

03 Booking Space

According to the consignor's "power of attorney", the forwarder shall obtain and fill in the manifest from the control department of the airline company and provide the corresponding information; Name, volume, weight, number of pieces and destination of the goods; Required time of shipment, etc.

Airlines arrange space and flights according to the actual situation. When booking the cargo space, we will choose the route and carrier according to the requirements of the shipper, and strive for the most reasonable freight rate for the shipper. After booking, the airline issues a confirmation of shipping space (manifest) and gives a receipt to the loading stoker to show that the shipping space is booked.

04 Receiving Goods

Delivery by consignor: The freight forwarder shall fax the warehousing drawing of the goods to the consignor, indicating the contact person, telephone number, delivery address, time, etc. To facilitate timely and accurate warehousing of goods.

Delivery by freight forwarder: The consignor shall provide the freight forwarder with the specific address, contact person, telephone number, time and other relevant information to ensure timely delivery of the goods.

05 Goods enter the airport

Tally -- weighing -- billing -- examining documents -- receiving documents -- Filling out waybills -- receiving goods -- marking and labeling

European air cargo export declaration

First of all, the contents of the export goods declaration form provided by the shipper are input into the computer, that is, computer pre-input. Stamp the special seal of the customs declaration unit on the computer-filled customs declaration form;

The declaration is then combined with the relevant invoices, packing lists and waybills and accompanied by relevant supporting documents as required.

After the above documents are complete, they shall be formally declared to the customs by the customs declarant who holds the customs declaration certificate; After the customs audit and correct, customs officials in namely for shipment waybill original stamp release chapter, at the same time specified in the verification in exports and export declaration form the customs chop, the consignor for products with YanQiZhang on tax documents.

07 Signing the Document

The waybill needs to be signed by the airline after the customs release seal is affixed. Only after the confirmation of the document is signed, the document and goods are allowed to be handed over to the airline.

08 Delivery and Delivery

Handover is to deliver documents to the air export airline, which arranges the air transport. Presentation is the delivery of random documents and documents retained by the carrier to the airline.

The documents included include the original invoice of the second joint air waybill, packing list, certificate of origin and certificate of quality appraisal.

Deliver the goods in conformity with the documents to the airline on delivery. Before delivery, goods labels must be attached or tied, goods must be checked and checked, and goods handover list must be filled out.

Bulk goods, centralized consignment goods, to the whole board, the whole box weighing handover. Scattered small goods by ticket weighing, planning handover.

09 Flight tracking

After receiving the goods from the consignor, the FBA air cargo tracking system can timely obtain the information about the transport status of the goods and timely feed back the information to the customer, so as to timely deal with any abnormal situation.

10 Arrive

Purpose of customs clearance


Notify the consignee to pick up the goods