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Amazon FBA operation process

Release date: 10/2/2021 click: 29892

Step 1: Type "Manage Amazon Inventory"

Log in to the seller's background, and then click Manage FBA Inventory on the Inventory TAB to access the inventory management interface.

Step 2: "Convert to 'FBA' release."

Amazon FBA sellers can search for SKUs on the inventory management page, title, and ISBN to find products to ship to FBA.

On this page, you can see that the delivery attributes of the item, "Item status (All, Sold, not sold"), distribution type (All, Amazon, seller) are the main screening criteria. Of course, there are other screening criteria. When converting to FBA, select All page for Distribution Type.


If the seller is opening on Amazon, the seller will only convert the FBA to a single item by clicking "Item" directly in the "Left" box to the left of the item. Meanwhile, on the right side of the listing, under Edit, click Change to Ship by Amazon.

To convert multiple lists to FBA, select √ in Select All under Status. Then, select "Change to Amazon Logistics" from the "App Selected Products" drop-down menu.

Step 3:

After selecting the FBA products to ship. A page will pop up and click "Convert Only" to confirm the transfer of FBA delivery.

Step 4: Seller information check

After you click Convert Only, a page will appear. There are storage start-up options, shipping location and packaging type options.

We should pay attention to the origin and packing type.

Shipping location: The shipping address is automatically generated and can be changed if necessary. Click Send from another address. * Must be filled in.

Package type: Divided into mixed shipment and original package delivery.

Mix: That is, there are multiple SKUs products in one box.

Original packaging and delivery: There is only one SKU in the box.

As for the type of packaging, Amazon sellers are actually choosing "mixed shipping" or "original packaging and delivery."

After you have determined the shipping location and packaging type, click Continue with Inventory Plan. When selected, the original gray interface on the bottom half of the page will appear normal.

Step 5: The size of the package.

Here, "All Items" will display the product information selected as FBA shipment. If the seller still needs to add SKUs, click Add Item.

If you need to delete, click X after each list you want to delete. Here, you need to enter the package size. Note here that the dimensions (in inches) of the original merchandise package need to be provided to the manufacturer.

For example, the seller of a store on Amazon sells cups. After the cup is packed, you need to enter the package size (length, width, height) and the number of products. Then click "Save".

Click Save, and then click Continue to proceed to the next step of Prepare Merchandise.

Step 6: Prepare the merchandise

Amazon FBA In this step, you will browse the information previously set by the seller, confirm that there is no problem, and click "Continue" to proceed to the next step.

Step 7: Label the product.

After the sixth step is complete, it will go to the "Merchandise Label" page. This is a critical step because every product in the FBA warehouse is labeled. Here, select set the number of labels to print and select the size to print.

Typically, Amazon prints paper in the "A4" format by default, and sellers can purchase A4 labels for printing. Normally, the number of printed labels per A4 paper is 21? 44.

The seller can choose the corresponding specifications according to the size of the product to be printed. After selection, click Print this Page Label to print the label. After printing, label each product or product package. Then click Continue to proceed to the next step.

In order for the Amazon FBA to scan smoothly, Amazon sellers need to attach each label to the product or product packaging. Please note, do not place the wrong SKUs.