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Detailed explanation of FBA Marine operation process

Release date: 4/20/2022 click: 533

What is FBA shipping?

FBA shipping means shipping goods to Amazon's warehouse. FBA Marine offers two modes: Marine acceleration (sea + Express) and Marine plus Card (Sea + truck).

1. FBA Sea shipping acceleration (sea shipping + Express) : Support double parcel clearance tax. After the goods arrive at the port and are cleared and released, they will be sent to Amazon warehouse by express.

2. Sea transportation plus card (sea transportation + truck transportation) : double clearance does not include duty, and the duty is paid according to the tax sheet. After customs clearance is completed at the port, the goods are transported to the destination by train and then delivered to the corresponding Amazon warehouse by truck.


Ii. FBA Marine transportation process

Delivery to the corresponding logistics company warehouse → packing/loading → customs clearance for export → sea transportation → foreign customs clearance → Amazon warehouse reservation → delivery to Amazon warehouse.

Iii. Advantages and disadvantages of FBA shipping

1. Advantages of FBA shipping:

A. The transportation cost is cheap, which can be converted into a few dollars for a single product.

B. Very suitable for dumping, heavy cargo;

2. Disadvantages of FBA shipping

A. Long transportation time.

B. The shipping capacity is 2 square meters, and the Shanghai shipment also needs 100 kg;

C. If the early work is not done well, the problem of label scanning will affect the warehousing of the goods, or even cannot be stored;

D. Seller must comply with Amazon's shipping and packaging standards for FBA product types. This packaging standard is not necessarily suitable for their own goods, so in the express delivery when the damage rate is higher, the proportion of return and exchange is higher.

Iv. FBA shipping FCL charges

1. Issue various RMB miscellaneous fees at the port, such as customs declaration fee, document fee, thc, dock fee, booking fee, etc

2. Activate sea freight rates from ports to U.S. ports. Currently, small containers like LA are about $1,000 and tall ones are about $1, 400 at Merseykey Port

3. Customs clearance fee: Usually $100-125 / ticket

4.ISF? FILING? FEE: $25- $50

5. Use US trading company letterhead (if necessary). Flat fee per ticket

6.SINGLE? BOND: Depends on the value of the goods. About a few dozen dollars

7.ISF BOND: Flat fee per ticket

8. Delivery fee: Depending on the distance and distance, usually hundreds of yuan - thousands of yuan

9. Import duties, customs inspections and other additional charges

V. American FBA shipping LCL charges

1. Freight from domestic ports to basic ports in the Eastern United States/Mexico, e.g. A/NY. It's usually in the tens of dollars per CBM.

2. Agent port and warehouse cost: depends on cube and gross weight; And pallets or cartons, usually a few hundred dollars.

3. Customs clearance fee: Usually $100-125 / ticket

4.ISF? FILING? FEE: $25- $50

5. If necessary, use US Import and Export Trading Company. Flat fee per ticket

6.SINGLE? BOND: Depends on the value of the goods. About a few dozen dollars

7.ISF BOND: Fixed fee via ticket

8. Delivery fee: Usually several hundred yuan depending on the distance and distance

9. Charge: US $20-25 / toto excluding import duty; Customs inspection; Additional charges such as waiting for Amazon delivery

Vi. FBA Shipping Requirements

1.FBA Shipping Warehouse delivery Bill of lading requirements:

A. The AM reference number must be included (this NO. Is available on FBA shipment).

B. The number of boxes and pallets must be included.

C. The bill of landing number should be indicated on the box mark or pallet label if possible.

2. Requirements for trucks:

A. No less than 7.5 tons in weight and no more than 4 meters in height. Other vehicle types will not be accepted.

B. For Marine FBA head, there must be sufficient space between the front and front of the pallet for unloading by AM personnel (AM does not accept unloading from the side of the pallet).

C. Pallets shall not be obstructed by other goods, such as empty pallets, other people's goods, etc. AM may reject goods if there are other obstructions.

FBA Shipping can provide almost all the door service of amazon FBA warehouse. For the FBA warehouse in the United States, Europe, Japan and Canada, we provide the exclusive route developed for Amazon sellers, with economical and fast service for customers to choose.

With the popularity of Amazon, many e-commerce began to adopt FBA, and FBA shipping services also developed rapidly. Sea shipping is considered to be a cost-effective method of FBA first-leg delivery, which saves money compared to air and express delivery and has no restrictions on products. During the peak season, air freight and express delivery are blocked, and the huge carrying capacity of FBA shipping is released, playing an irreplaceable role.