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American FBA operation scheme

Release date: 3/24/2022 click: 320

With the popularity of Amazon, more and more e-commerce companies began to use FBA, and FBA header services emerged. FBA shipping in the United States is regarded as a cost-effective FBA first-leg distribution method, which saves money compared with air freight and express, and has no restrictions on products. Peak season, air transport and express blocked, shipping huge load released, more play an irreplaceable role.


In the past: remote distribution to Hong Kong, the cost remains high.

Generally, the first shipping process of FBA to the United States is as follows:

Plan A: After taking plates (pallets) in China, they will be directly loaded into containers, bulk cargo or FCL will be sent to LA or NYC on the west coast of the United States by sea, and the containers will be disassembled at port and sent to the designated FBA warehouse according to the plates.

Scheme B: Some qualified large sellers or freight forwarding enterprises will send the goods in bulk (no plate, save space) to LA, and then ship them to the designated FBA warehouse after loading the pallet.

Both solutions make little or no use of overseas warehouses in the United States to facilitate temporary storage, stowaway, and reshipment of goods. That is, "to the port on allocation", a small number of goods, long distance transportation, the cost of high.

Amazon has more than 50 warehouses throughout the United States, conforming to the distribution of population. 70% of FBA warehouses are distributed in the Central Great Lakes, the Northeast, the central South and the southeast, which are more than 2,000 kilometers away from the West coast of the United States. However, 70% of the containers sent from China to the United States are sent to LA, and then shipped from LA to the eastern United States, a word "far". For example, from LA, to the CVG3 warehouse (Kentucky) more than 3,000 kilometers, so many places, so far, to haul "a few pallets" by truck from the west, because of the distance is expensive. In addition to the big freight, other operating costs are not cheap.