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Explanation of China Europe Railway Freight Insurance Liability

Release date: 9/4/2022 click: 594

China EU railway freight is the product of China's "the Belt and Road" policy, which will bring a lot of benefits to the economy and trade of countries along the road. Compared to sea transportation, railway transportation has higher safety. However, when people use China Europe railway freight, they also need to purchase relevant insurance for transportation. Insurance is an effective tool for transferring transportation risks, and it is necessary for the freight forwarder to understand the responsibilities of each insurance.


There are many insurance companies that provide insurance services for China Europe railway freight, and they offer a wide range of insurance types, among which basic insurance and comprehensive insurance are two types of insurance that are purchased more frequently.

Basic insurance liability: The insurer shall compensate for the loss or expense of the insured goods caused by one of the following insurance accidents in accordance with the provisions of the contract: fire, explosion, thunder and lightning, hail, storm, rainstorm, flood, tsunami, cliff collapse, sudden landslide, mud rock flow; Losses or expenses caused by collision, derailment, or collapse of bridges, transportation tunnels, and docks; Losses caused by accidents during loading, unloading, and replacement; When the above-mentioned disasters or accidents occur during the freight transportation of the China Europe Railway, the loss of goods and the direct reasonable expenses incurred for rescuing or protecting the goods.

Comprehensive insurance liability: In addition to basic insurance liability, the insurer is also responsible for compensating for the following problems during the freight transportation of the China Europe Railway: losses caused by damage, bending, indentation, rupture or rupture of the goods due to impact, collision or compression; Loss of goods caused by damaged packaging; The loss of liquid cargo leakage caused by impact, collision, or compression of the container used, or the loss of liquid cargo deterioration caused by leakage; Loss from theft; Losses caused by non delivery due to external reasons; The losses caused by rainwater comply with safety transportation regulations.

In addition to understanding the liability of China Europe Railway Freight Insurance, people also need to understand the exemption clauses. When the insurance goods are lost or damaged due to the following reasons, the insurance company shall not compensate: war, military action, seizure, strike, robbery, and riot; Damage caused by earthquakes; Nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation and radioactive pollution; Pollution, deterioration, damage, and improper packaging caused by natural losses, inherent defects or characteristics. From this, it can be seen that during the Sino European railway freight transportation period, it is necessary to pay attention to a series of procedures such as cargo packaging and customs clearance.