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Explanation of FBA air freight operation process

Release date: 1/17/2020 click: 61

FBA air freight is an important FBA transportation method. Although it has high requirements for cargo size and type, and its freight cost is also high, it has fast transportation speed and is an indispensable FBA specialized logistics method. Many new Amazon merchants are not familiar with this logistics transportation method. Below, we will provide a detailed introduction to the specific process of FBA air freight to answer your questions and clarify your doubts.


1. Power of Attorney: After the shipper has confirmed the FBA air freight forwarding company, they need to fill out a "Power of Attorney for Freight Consignment". The power of attorney includes information related to the goods, the shipper, and the consignee. The shipper must be truthful when filling out, and must personally sign and affix the company seal.

2. Commodity inspection: The freight forwarding company must check whether the goods need to undergo commodity inspection according to the content of the "Letter of Authorization for Consignment of Goods", and provide corresponding assistance for the commodity inspection.

3. Booking: The freight forwarding company needs to book relevant storage spaces with the airline based on the actual situation of the goods they undertake. When booking, they need to provide the airline with relevant information about the goods, such as the weight, number of pieces, and transportation destination.

4. Receiving: Based on the experience of FBA air freight, there are two modes of receiving goods: firstly, the shipper picks up and delivers the goods themselves, and the freight forwarding company only needs to inform the shipper of the relevant information of the pickup; The second is for the freight forwarding company to arrange personnel to pick up the goods at the destination and ensure that the goods are promptly stored.

Throughout the entire FBA air transportation process, it is also necessary to carry out export customs declaration and clearance work for the goods. Generally, freight forwarding companies are responsible for customs clearance work. They apply for customs clearance online based on the customs declaration information provided by the customer. After customs review, the goods can be transported by the airline to the destination. But many FBA air freight forwarding companies are not responsible for customs clearance, which requires the shipper to find a professional customs clearance company on their own.