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How to Reasonably Utilize FBA Logistics

Release date: 11/13/2021 click: 635

Amazon merchants usually deliver goods to Amazon warehouses through FBA logistics, and then the warehouses directly ship them to customers. However, there may also be some special situations where merchants need to directly mail the goods to customers in China. Amazon merchants need to have a thorough understanding of the characteristics of different FBA logistics in order to select targeted freight forwarding companies and better leverage the role of different shipping channels.


Amazon merchants need to effectively stock up their goods based on their sales situation. When choosing FBA logistics, they need to learn how to cooperate with various shipping channels. Due to the inability to run out of stock in Amazon warehouses, which may affect store operations, merchants need to choose the appropriate transportation method based on the time of each shipping channel, inventory level of goods, and estimated sales volume of goods. Amazon sea freight takes a long time, but the transportation cost is lower, so merchants can choose this method to transport large quantities of goods. During the sea freight period of these goods, if the sales volume of the goods suddenly increases and the warehouse may experience shortages, Amazon air freight should be chosen to transport a small portion of the goods into the warehouse to ensure that there is no shortage of goods. During the air freight process, merchants can also choose FBA logistics express delivery to directly deliver the goods to customers without passing through Amazon warehouses, ensuring continuous shipment in the warehouse.

The fees required for different shipping channels in FBA logistics vary. Generally speaking, express delivery is more expensive than air freight, and air freight is more expensive than sea freight. Therefore, it is very important to allocate these shipping channels reasonably. Amazon merchants need to arrange professional personnel to manage the transportation of goods and choose a reliable FBA freight forwarding company. The more reasonable the FBA logistics plan provided by the freight forwarding company, the overall cost of logistics transportation can be reduced.