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Which FBA logistics freight forwarder is more reliable

Release date: 2/19/2021 click: 65

FBA logistics refers to a one-stop logistics service provided by Amazon, which generally includes warehousing, picking and packaging, delivery, customer service, and return processing. However, this series of services does not include customs clearance and Chinese delivery to Amazon warehouses. The trading company needs to entrust FBA logistics freight forwarders to transport the goods to Amazon warehouses and be responsible for customs clearance and tax declaration during the period. There are so many FBA freight forwarders in the market, which one is more reliable?


A reliable FBA logistics freight forwarder will recommend suitable logistics transportation plans based on the timeliness and cost of customer goods, rather than simply pushing which transportation channels they have. At present, FBA has three major types of transportation modes: air freight, sea freight, and China Europe railway transportation. The order of transportation time and cost from high to low is air freight, China Europe railway transportation, and sea freight. There are different freight companies for air and sea freight, and freight forwarding companies need to directly connect with them. A reliable FBA logistics freight forwarder will choose a reasonable transportation method based on factors such as the time of goods entering the warehouse, the difficulty of local customs clearance and tax declaration, and then provide different solutions to customers.

Due to the excessive complexity of FBA logistics, various unexpected problems may be encountered during the transportation of goods. If the problems cannot be quickly resolved, it may affect the time for goods to enter the warehouse, thereby affecting the delivery time of goods. The reliability of a freight forwarding company can be judged by its ability to handle abnormal cargo transportation issues. Generally speaking, the more transportation channels FBA logistics freight forwarders have and the more they are distributed among overseas customs clearance companies, the stronger their ability to handle abnormal problems. People should choose this type of freight forwarding company to assist FBA trade.