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Characteristics and advantages of Meisen Express

Release date: 10/3/2020 click: 212

Meisen Shipping Co., Ltd. was established in 1882 and is the first company in history to provide container liner services for the Pan Pacific. Its headquarters are located in California, USA, with offices in more than 20 cities in the United States. Currently, it has offices in Ningbo, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. The Meisen Express is used to transport military materials, and its predecessor was a military cargo ship. It has a background in arms transportation and has a high accuracy in time management. At the same time, it also has its own port, and there is no situation of port congestion. In 2005, Meisen Shipping Company officially entered China to carry out route business. The first route it opened was CLX1, connecting Ningbo Shanghai Long Beach in the United States, providing weekly fixed liner services from Ningbo and Shanghai to Long Beach. In February 2006, it officially made its maiden voyage and opened a weekly container service between Ningbo, Shanghai, China and Long Beach, California, USA. In May 2009, Xiamen Port was included in the business scope of China US Express.

Characteristics and advantages of Meisen Express

Meisen Express uses 5 container ships with an average capacity of 2600 TEU containers on this route. Meisen Shipping has its headquarters in California, USA, with offices in over 20 states, as well as offices in Shanghai and Ningbo.

Compared to other sea routes, Meisen Express has the characteristics of short sailing time, stable time efficiency, and affordable prices.


At present, the Meisen Express, as we commonly refer to it, departs from Shanghai Port and directly reaches Long Beach (LB) in the United States. From the above route map, it appears to cross the Pacific Ocean, with no other ports in the middle, directly reaching Long Beach in the United States. Therefore, the route time is short, with a normal sailing time of 11 days.

2. Meisen Express ships a fixed weekly schedule, with a 5-off and 3-off schedule and stable time efficiency. (If departing from Ningbo, it is fixed to depart in four sections and two sections, and then stop in Shanghai for one day. Starting from Shanghai on Wednesday, it goes directly to Changtan)

3. Meisen Express has a dedicated loading and unloading platform on Long Beach, which allows for fast and efficient loading and unloading times (to avoid congestion at container terminals).

Meisen Express Export Operation Process

1. Export process

Collect goods in Shenzhen, cut off orders and load containers on Friday, depart from Shenzhen on Saturday and return containers to the Shanghai port. After customs clearance, ship on board and depart on Wednesday.

2. Import process

Starting from Shanghai Port and sailing for 11 days, the ship arrives at Long Beach Port in the United States for unloading. After customs clearance in the United States, the US customs clearance company arranges trucks to pick up containers at the dock, unpack and distribute them at the US warehouse, and then deliver them to UPS (some are FEDEX) for pick-up and delivery to FBA, or overseas warehouses and customers.

Meisen Express has been in China for over a decade, and currently has only Ningbo, Xiamen, and Shanghai as its docking points. It is reported that in the near future (or next year), it will open China's fourth docking point: Shenzhen. The significance is that it is more convenient for Amazon sellers who are heavily focused in the Shenzhen area, as the cost of goods from nearby Shenzhen Chumeisen is definitely relatively low. With low requirements for timeliness, shipping costs are much cheaper compared to express delivery and air delivery, and sea freight is a cost-effective transportation channel for goods.