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What to pay attention to when choosing FBA logistics

Release date: 11/7/2020 click: 194

Amazon sellers are aware that FBA Logistics is Amazon's self operated warehousing and shipping center. However, there are also many sellers who are unaware that Amazon is not responsible for the logistics transportation, customs clearance, and tax payment of sellers' goods from domestic shipments to Amazon FBA warehouses. Therefore, the seller needs to solve their own or hand over to the freight forwarder to handle the first leg transportation, customs clearance, and tax payment services. Generally speaking, the initial process mainly includes four stages: domestic pickup and storage, customs declaration, transportation, and customs clearance.


What to pay attention to when choosing FBA logistics

1. Query sea freight time

When transporting by sea to the United States via a dedicated shipping line, the most important concern is probably the shipping time. If the ship is shipped from Guangzhou port, the normal arrival time at the US port is around 11 to 15 days. But how long it will take is another matter, as sea transportation is often affected by the weather.

2. Ocean freight

The price of sea freight from China to the United States is usually a concern, which is directly linked to specific transportation routes. Because there are multiple sea routes between China and the United States, different routes have different voyages and transportation times, which depends on where your transportation destination is. If the estimated price is around $200, there may be significant differences between different routes.

3. Order number query

If affected by weather during transportation, the departure time may be extended and the speed of cargo ships may also slow down. If you are concerned about logistics during transportation, you can track and check at any time.

Cross border e-commerce is very concerned about Amazon FBA logistics fees, and Amazon FBA logistics fees are determined based on your goods situation and the transportation channel you choose. How to calculate the specific fees for Amazon FBA logistics goods and what fees are included?

Calculation methods for air freight, sea freight, customs clearance, tax fees, air freight and sea freight taxes:

Tax=Tariff+Value Added Tax Tariff=Declared Value * Tariff Rate Value Added Tax=(Declared Value+Freight+Tariff) * 20

Sea freight transportation: Sea freight and air freight are generally suitable for mature sellers on the Amazon platform, among which sea freight is a cost-effective transportation method with low prices and little restrictions on products. Typically, big sellers place large orders or gather orders from several suppliers to ship together, which is how industry big sellers operate.

Air transportation: Generally, sellers with high value of goods and in a hurry choose air transportation more often. FBA's first leg customers have an urgent need for timeliness, and at this time, they choose to deliver the goods to Amazon warehouses through air freight, which is relatively fast.

In fact, many Amazon sellers are asking what the FBA initial cost specifically includes? They seem to be not very clear about this. Usually, when looking for a freight forwarder to quote, they only give a rough total price. Different Amazon FBA warehouses have different fees. Another issue is that if the fee quotation is not clear, it can easily lead to misunderstandings between both parties, causing trouble with fees, and may also lead to hidden consumption issues!