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Amazon FBA fee calculation

Release date: 9/26/2021 click: 165

At present, most cross-border e-commerce logistics companies provide FBA logistics services for Amazon sellers. To be precise, it is only a warehouse to warehouse service that helps sellers send goods from Chinese warehouses to Amazon warehouses in the destination sales country, not all of Amazon FBA logistics.

The entry threshold for Amazon's FBA logistics business is relatively low. Currently, more than 30% of small and medium-sized freight forwarders in the market mainly rely on FBA logistics as their main business, and the market aggregation is low. It belongs to the grassroots ecology of cross-border e-commerce logistics, and competition is extremely fierce. At present, there are no enterprises with FBA logistics as their main business and annual revenue exceeding 1 billion yuan. FBA logistics will face further integration and intensification of industry scale in the next development process.


Amazon FBA fee calculation and replenishment process

The FBA fee includes: order delivery fee, monthly inventory storage fee, long-term storage fee, return processing fee, and unplanned service fee.

Return processing fee: Amazon will charge a return processing fee for orders that provide free return delivery, which is equal to the total delivery fee for a specified product.

Unplanned service fees: If the inventory arrives at Amazon's operations center without proper pre-treatment or labeling, Amazon will provide these services for you, and this service will be charged per piece.

Remove Order Fee: You can have Amazon refund or dispose of your inventory stored in the Amazon Operations Center, and this service charges a per piece fee.

The removal fee is charged for each item removed. Normally, removing an order will be processed within 14 working days. However, during holidays and peak removal periods, processing removal orders may take 30 working days or more.

Long term storage fee: In addition to monthly storage fees, Amazon will also charge long-term storage fees for inventory in Amazon's operations center.

Monthly Inventory Storage Fee: Amazon will charge storage fees for all products you store in the Amazon Operations Center based on calendar months and your daily average inventory.

Order delivery fee: A fixed fee charged for each item, depending on the size and weight of the item. The amount of delivery fee is related to the weight and size of the packaged item.

FBA backend settings for replenishment.

Inventory - Managing Amazon Inventory - Editing - Shipping/Replenishment

Create a new inventory plan/add to an existing inventory plan - mixed packaged goods/original factory packaged shipped goods;

Fill in the quantity of goods and shipping boxes - labeling - cargo preparation;

Check the goods in the shipment: view and modify the quantity of goods to ensure accurate delivery services for shipped goods;

Packaging of goods; Shipment label: Each box label is unique; Ensure that all box labels are printed; (To prevent the label from being damaged and affecting the storage, please print 2 copies of the label and stick it on different sides of the box)

Shipment: Notify the cooperating freight forwarding company to receive the goods, fill in the logistics tracking code, and complete the shipment.