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China Post Small Bag

China Post's small package is an international and domestic postal small package service provided by China Post. It belongs to the category of postal aviation small packages and is an economical international express service project. It can reach various postal outlets in over 230 countries and regions around the world, and can be delivered to any country or region with a national postal service. A small parcel with a weight of less than 2kg, a total length, width, and height of the outer packaging less than 90 centimeters, and a maximum length of less than 60 centimeters, sent abroad through postal air mail services.

It includes two services: registered mail and surface mail. It can be sent to various postal branches around the world.


Advantages of China Post's small package:

1. Affordable price, China Post Canada FBA shipments to the United States. Amazon US FBA first leg sea freight packages have absolute price advantages compared to other transportation methods (such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc.), and are also cheaper than Hong Kong packages;

2. Convenient mailing, it can be sent to various parts of the world, as long as there is a post office available, it can be delivered (except for very few countries and regions);

3. China Post's small package registration is safe, with a low dropout rate, and can be tracked throughout the entire process;

4. Speed advantage: Direct delivery to China Post without the need for transit to Hong Kong. The package status can be checked on the China Post website on the same day after delivery to the post office.

Delivery requirements for China Post small packages:

1. Postal package weight limit: Postal packages are limited to 2KG (excluding Afghanistan).

2. Postal small package volume limit: non cylindrical goods: length+width+height ≤ 90CM, maximum length on one side is 60CM, minimum size single side length ≥ 17CM, width ≥ 10CM.