Service item Maintain deep and stable cooperative relationship with DHL, UPS, FED, TNT, EMS and other major express companies in the world
Integrate global high-quality logistics and transportation resources to meet more personalized needs of domestic and foreign customers
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International EUB

Eub is an e-Postal service under China Post


1、 Advantages

1. Timeliness advantage

The logistics time of International E-Mail is very fast, with an overall delivery time of 5-12 days, which can basically meet the logistics needs of European and American consumers.

2. Freight advantage

International E-mail has a significant freight advantage. Mainly reflected in the fact that international express delivery and international EMS are generally more expensive than international E-mail in terms of the same logistics efficiency.

3. Customs clearance advantages

Compared to international express delivery and international dedicated lines, International E-Mail has significant customs clearance advantages. As a postal channel and under the jurisdiction of UPU, International E-Post not only has the priority of customs clearance in customs, aviation, ports and other parts of various countries, but also adopts the batch mode for customs clearance, which has strong customs clearance ability and fast customs clearance.