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FedEx ->Product Details Introduction

FedEx is one of the world's largest express transportation companies, serving 220 countries and regions. It is an international express delivery service with a wide coverage, safety, reliability, fast delivery time, and door-to-door service. Suitable for transporting goods with high value and high time requirements. Services are divided into priority (IP) and economy (IE)



1、 Service advantages

1) Wide service scope: covering 220 countries and regions.

2) Fully traceable: detailed information can be tracked and queried throughout the entire process on the federal official website

3) Timeliness guaranteed: Shipping space guaranteed through FedEx network, door-to-door delivery, and safety guaranteed

4) Price advantage: favorable prices and low discounts

2、 Cost composition

(1) FedEx billing rules

In international express delivery (excluding EMS), the actual weight can be divided into actual weight, volume weight, and billing weight.

The actual weight refers to the total weight of the goods, including the packaging. Volume weight refers to the weight used to convert the volume of the goods into weight due to the capacity of the carrier, which is limited by the volume of the object.

At present, the calculation method for the volume and weight of international express delivery is as follows: length x width x height (inches)/5000=volume and weight. For irregular packaging, it is calculated based on the maximum, widest, and highest point on one side of the goods.

For domestic express delivery in the United States, the sender needs to input the information of the package, including the arrival area, origin, shipping date, speed, weight, and volume of the package, in order to determine the shipping cost.

(2) FedEx Surcharge Composition:

1. Fuel surcharge: Refer to FedEx's official fuel surcharge;

2. Remote area fees: Remote areas require an additional remote delivery fee;

3. Both private addresses in the United States and Canada and the goods of private recipients require a private delivery fee and additional fuel;

4. Change of address fee;

5. AHS - Extra Long Surcharge:

a) 48 inches ≤ longest edge of package ≤ 96 inches

b) The second longest side length exceeds 30 inches

c) Length+2 * (width+height) ≥ 105 inches

e) Irregular packaging (such as cylindrical, circular, barrel shaped, tires, etc.)

6. AHS - Overweight Surcharge

a) 50LBS ≤ Actual weight ≤ 150LBS

7. Oversize surcharge (any condition) - Oversize

a) 96 inches<longest side of package ≤ 108 inches

b) Longest side+2 * (second+third side)>130inch (330CM)


3、 Reference timeliness

FedEx's delivery speed to the United States and surrounding areas is very fast, and delivery can be completed in 2-5 days, meeting the international express shipping needs of shippers with high time requirements.

4、 FedEx Operational Requirements

(1) Handover checklist requirements

1. The delivery list must indicate the corresponding product name, waybill number, package type, weight, number of packages, destination country, payment method, etc.

2. An invoice in triplicate must be provided along with the goods. The invoice must provide the HS customs commodity code corresponding to the product name, and the declared product name is detailed. It is recommended to declare the product name+material+purpose based on the actual value of the item to avoid high tariffs and fines. Formula and other contents.

(2) Waybill usage and requirements:

Customers can use wing waybills or their own waybills for delivery

1. The waybill should provide detailed sender information, recipient information, number of packages, weight, product name, HS customs commodity code, and customs declared value

2. The waybill must include the recipient's phone number, company name, or recipient's name

3. The Federation does not accept PO.BOX address services

3、 Compensation/Insurance/Other Value Added Services

Fragile goods need to be packed by themselves. If the goods are lost, broken or compensated during operation, the declared value on the commercial invoice (or pro forma invoice) provided by the sender with the goods shall be taken as the reference for the compensation value, and the actual lost or damaged part shall be compensated. Generally, the logistics company will not bear any joint and several losses caused by the loss, damage or delay of the express. If the customer has additional requirements, they can purchase cargo insurance themselves.

5、 Precautions

Destination tariff fees: The customs laws and regulations of different countries vary. The taxes and fees related to the destination property shall be paid by the recipient. If the recipient of the destination refuses to pay customs duties, the sender shall unconditionally pay the customs duties and related fees incurred at the destination

Additional fees: remote surcharges, fuel surcharges, change of address delivery fees, residential area surcharges, and other fees need to be communicated and confirmed before shipment to determine if there are any related fees

Return: Relevant returns will be first returned to the warehouse at the federal shipping location for import clearance before release.