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UPS ->Product Details Introduction

UPS (United Parcel Service, Inc.) was founded in 1907 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It provides various solutions aimed at improving global business management efficiency, including package and cargo transportation, international trade facilitation, and advanced technology deployment. It is a leading logistics enterprise in the world. UPS business outlets are located in over 220 countries and regions worldwide. As the world's largest express carrier and parcel delivery company, it is also a leading provider of professional transportation, logistics, capital, and e-commerce services.



1、 UPS service type

1. UPS Worldwide Express Plus (1-3 business days by 9AM) - Global express express. (fastest and most expensive)

2. UPS Worldwide Express (1-3 business days by12PM/Noon) - Global Express.

3. UPS Worldwide Saver (1-3 business days) - Global Fast, also known as Red Order.

4. UPS Worldwide Expedited (2-5 business days) - Global Express, also known as Blue Orders. (The speed is the slowest and the fee is also the cheapest)

2、 Charging standards

The fee standard for UPS international express delivery depends on the actual weight and volume weight. The calculation method for package volume and weight: (length x width x height) (cm) ÷ 5000, please note that the unit of length, width, and height is in centimeters.

The general freight calculation method is: when the actual weight of the item to be shipped exceeds the volume, the freight calculation method is: first weight freight+(weight in kilograms) × 2-1) × Renewal Freight.

The prices corresponding to different package types also vary, for example, the most common way to distinguish between documents and packages, and the price of sending documents will be lower than that of sending packages. In addition, according to the type of package, it can also be divided into charged and non charged, whether it contains liquid, and so on.

3、 Additional fee description

1. Additional fee for changing address: Hong Kong UPS is HKD 77 per piece, with a maximum fee of HKD 273 per ticket;

2. Additional handling service fee: Hong Kong UPS is HKD 40 per package, and UPS will charge customers an additional fee for each package:

(1) Any item packaged in a metal or wooden shipping container.

(2) Any cylindrical object that has not been wrapped in corrugated paper, such as a drum, drum, bucket, or tire.

(3) Any package with the longest side exceeding 152 centimeters in length or the second longest side exceeding 76 centimeters in length.

(4) Any single piece of goods weighing more than 32 kilograms (chargeable weight).

3. Surcharge exceeding maximum limit: Hong Kong UPS is HKD 388 per unit, and UPS has the following restrictions on weight and size:

(1) The longest side (length) of any package exceeds 270 centimeters;

(2) The total circumference of any package (i.e. (width+height) * 2+length) exceeds 419 centimeters;

(3) The weight of any package exceeds 70 kilograms.

4. Additional fee for large packages: Hong Kong UPS is HKD 388 per package, and this fee standard is newly added:

When the specification of the package is: 330mm=<length+2 * width+2 * height<=419mm, weight>=40kg, UPS will charge a large package surcharge, but will not charge a handling surcharge;

4、 Precautions

1. Item Description

When declaring a product name, it is necessary to fill in the actual product name and quantity. Do not accept gift or sample declaration.

2. Declared value

UPS has no requirement for declared value, and customers can decide the amount to fill in themselves. It is recommended to declare based on the actual declared value of the goods to avoid high tariffs and fines.

3. Recipient Address

UPS does not accept PO BOX email addresses and must provide the recipient's phone number. The above information should be filled out in English and other languages are not accepted.

5、 Cargo tracking

UPS official website:

6、 Compensation/Insurance/Other Value Added Services

(1) Compensation

1. Compensation standards

Cargo claim: If the package is damaged or lost, compensation will be made based on the declared value, up to a maximum of $100, and the shipping fee will be refunded.

2. Compensation period

If the goods are damaged or damaged, you need to file a claim within 14 days after the goods are signed for. If the goods are delayed, it needs to be raised within 21 days after delivery.

3. Preventive measures

Ups International Express will not compensate for the loss of packages caused by force majeure factors such as customs inspections, natural disasters, and wars.

(2) Insurance

You can purchase insurance for each shipment. If you need to purchase insurance, please be sure to notify our customer service before making the payment.