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British Marine line

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Dinghuan International Logistics integrates high-quality shipping companies, as well as high-quality tail end express and card delivery service resources, to develop a sea freight dedicated line service for cross-border sellers in the UK market. Provide a one-stop service for full container consolidation for exports to the UK's maritime dedicated line, including ton truck pick-up, container trailer loading, bulk cargo consolidation/consolidation, booking, packaging, warehousing, procurement agency, import and export customs clearance, bill of lading customs clearance, commodity inspection, double clearance, and delivery to the door. Goods can be directly shipped point-to-point from China to FBA warehouses, third-party overseas warehouses, commercial addresses, and other private addresses in various European countries. The price is favorable and the time is guaranteed, which can meet the needs of sellers on cross-border e-commerce, eBay, AliExpress, Lazada, Wish, Newegg, Dunhuang, Alibaba International, Amazon, Konga, Jumia, Kilimail, Linio, and other platforms for freight timeliness and cost control in the European market.


1、 Time limit for sea freight to the UK

The European maritime dedicated line service can provide LCL and FCL services at ports in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Ningbo, and Shanghai. It can arrive within 13 to 25 days after departure, with multiple channels and guaranteed timeliness.

2、 UK Maritime Special Line Operation Process

1. Place an order: Firstly, cross-border sellers can choose to place an order online on the platform of Dinghuan International Logistics Company, or contact a salesperson to place an order for shipment; When placing an order, it is necessary to arrange the basic information of the goods transported by air to the UK in advance, including the product name, number of pieces, material, purpose, quantity, detailed address of the recipient, postal code, city, contact phone number, and recipient information;

2. Delivery: Dinghuan International Logistics Company provides door-to-door delivery services for sellers, who can choose to deliver the goods to the warehouse or have Dinghuan Company pick them up at their doorstep. The goods are transported from the seller to the warehouse where the freight forwarding company is located. After the goods arrive at the warehouse, measurement and verification will be arranged to determine whether the outer packaging specifications and weight of the goods meet the requirements, and board allocation will be arranged. At the same time, domestic customs clearance will be carried out.

3. Booking international sea freight storage space

After accepting the commission, the staff of Dinghuan International Logistics Company will confirm the appropriate shipping schedule as soon as possible based on the situation of the goods, delivery time, and the client's requirements, and book the shipping space with the shipping company, and provide timely feedback to the customers.

4. Container loading/unloading

After booking the cabin, arrange for the trailer to pick up the container at the container terminal and load it at the designated location by the client. After the cargo is loaded and sealed, arrange for the cargo to be returned to the terminal.

5. General trade export customs declaration

After the container arrives at the international shipping terminal, Dinghuan International Logistics arranges for the export customs declaration of the goods, and follows up on the progress of the customs declaration, timely communicating and coordinating with the client.

6. Create international sea freight bill

After sailing, Dinghuan International Logistics will issue a notice and invoice to the principal, and notify the principal of the expected arrival time.

7. Delivery of international ocean bill of lading

After the ship arrives at the port, Dinghuan International Logistics will arrange customs clearance and delivery to the designated warehouse address as soon as possible.

3、 Precautions for handling UK sea freight exports

1. Packaging of goods: In order to ensure the safety of the goods during transportation, appropriate packaging and fixation are required.

2. Required documents: The UK Customs requires that imported goods must provide some necessary documents, such as invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, proof of origin, etc.

3. Import taxes and fees: The UK Customs imposes certain tariffs and import taxes on imported goods, and it is necessary to understand the relevant regulations in advance to avoid additional fees due to tax issues. If the tax inclusive channel is chosen, these will be handled by the freight forwarding company at its sole discretion.

4. Transportation Method Selection: Select the appropriate transportation method based on the nature and urgency of the goods, such as sea, air, or land transportation.

5. Freight insurance: Consider purchasing appropriate freight insurance to ensure the safety and interests of the goods during transportation.