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European Marine line

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Dinghuan International Logistics first hand maker integrates high-quality shipping companies and high-quality tail-end express, card pie service resources, for the European market cross-border sellers customers to develop FBA Marine special line service in 24 countries in Europe. We provide one-stop service of full container and LCL for export to Europe. We can provide door-to-door pickup of tons of cars, container loading of container trailers, carpooling/LCL of bulk cargo, booking, packaging, storage, agent procurement, import and export customs clearance, customs declaration of bill, commodity inspection, double customs clearance, and delivery to the door. Goods can be sent point-to-point directly from China to FBA warehouses, third-party overseas warehouses, commercial addresses and other private addresses in European countries. The price is preferential and the time limit is guaranteed. It can meet the requirements of cross-border e-commerce, ebay, AliExpress, Lazada, Wish, Newegg, Dunhuang, Ali International, Amazon, Konga,Jumia, Kilimail, Linio and other platform sellers demand efficiency and cost control in the European market.


I. Advantages of European shipping channels

1. Receiving price is very low

The advantage of European FBA Marine special line is that the receiving price is very low. Compared with air freight, the price of European Marine special line only accounts for one third of the air freight price, which can help the carrier greatly reduce the freight cost and improve the profit of product sales. The seller only needs to make good stock and cycle planning according to the progress of goods sales, which can greatly reduce the freight cost. Increase product profit.

2. The bearing capacity of European Marine special lines is large

Compared with the European air freight, the carrying capacity of the European Marine line is very large, with an ordinary fast ship can hold more than 30 containers. A container can hold about 18 tons of goods, which means that a fast ship can at least hold more than 550 tons of goods, which is incomparable to the general air and express channels, and very friendly to the transportation of bulk and large goods. Due to the large carrying space of the European Marine special line, some large and heavy goods, such as household furniture products, can be completely transported by sea.

3. Wide range of goods can be transported

Different from air freight and express delivery, FBA shipping in Europe generally has fewer restrictions on goods, and the transport risks of European dedicated shipping channels mainly come from weather. Natural disasters, so the restrictions on items will be much smaller, many with magnetic, electric and other items can choose European shipping channels.

Ii. Limitation of shipping to Europe

European Marine special line service, can provide Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai port LCL, FCL, 13-25 days after the ship to arrive, many channels, time is guaranteed.

Iii. Operation process of European Marine Dedicated line

1. Place an order: First of all, cross-border sellers can choose to place an order online on the platform of Dinghuan International Logistics Company, or contact the salesman to place an order for delivery; When placing an order, the basic information of goods sent to the UK by air should be sorted out in advance, including name of goods, number of pieces, material, use, quantity, detailed address of receiving goods, postcode, city, contact telephone number, recipient information;

2, delivery: Ding ring international logistics company to provide sellers with door-to-door delivery services, sellers can choose to deliver to the warehouse or by Ding ring company door-to-door delivery. The goods will be transported from the seller to the warehouse where the forwarder company is located. After the goods arrive at the warehouse, we will arrange measurement and verification, check whether the specifications and weight of the outer packaging of the goods meet the requirements, arrange the allocation of the goods on the board, and conduct domestic customs declaration at the same time.

3. Reserve international shipping space

After accepting the commission, the staff of Ding Ring International logistics company will confirm the appropriate shipping date and book shipping space to the shipping company in the first time according to the cargo situation, delivery time and the requirements of the client, and timely feedback to the guests.

4. Container loading/returning

After booking the shipping space, arrange the trailer to pick up the container at the container terminal, and load the container at the place designated by the client. After the loading of the goods is completed and the seal is affixed, arrange to return the goods to the terminal.

5. General trade export declaration

After the container arrives at the international shipping terminal, Dinghuan International Logistics will arrange the export declaration of the goods, follow up the progress of the cargo declaration, and timely communicate and coordinate with the client.

6. Prepare international shipping bill

After sailing, Dinghuan International Logistics will issue the notice and invoice to the principal, and inform the principal of the estimated time of arrival.

7. Delivery of international ocean bill of Lading

After the ship arrives at the port, Dinghuan International Logistics will immediately arrange customs clearance and delivery to the designated warehouse address.

Iv. Matters needing attention in the operation of European maritime export goods

1. If it is required to declare export for general trade, documents shall be provided for separate customs declaration: 1. Packing list 2. Invoice (3) Customs declaration power of attorney (4) Customs declaration form (5) Contract (6) "Commodity Inspection Clearance Form" shall be provided for the goods to be inspected;

2. According to the Customs regulations, all goods in warehouse shall be affixed with more than 2 qualified FBA labels and marked Made in China.

3. Due to post express delivery, size limitation: unilateral length shall not exceed 75CM, length + (width + height) *2<=270cm, weight limitation: single parcel weight ≤30KG. Please inquire for extra surcharge for oversized overweight pieces. If Amazon rejects the product due to packaging problems, pay attention to the size of the package!