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United States Marine line

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Dinghuan International Logistics is the United States Marine special line logistics maker, with NVOCC certificate, the United States FMC record qualification, and a number of shipping companies such as: COSCO, MSK, EMC, MSC, CMA, ONE, OOCL, HPL, YML, APL and other direct cooperation, provide SOC cabinet, special cabinet, open top cabinet, frame cabinet, freezer cabinet, Tank cabinet, dangerous chemical products transport cabinet, To provide customers with a whole set of Sino-US shipping first shipment tax package service solutions including first shipment + customs clearance + container pickup + overseas container unpacking + terminal delivery from China to FBA warehouse, third-party overseas warehouse, commercial address and other private addresses.

There are generally two ways of shipping logistics in the United States:

1. FCL sea transportation: After loading by the factory, ship directly from major ports in China to the entire territory of the United States;

2. Sub-carload bulk cargo: It can send logistics to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai and other warehouses for carpool land transport or LCL sea transport.


I. Characteristics of American international shipping services

The United States is one of our major trade exporters, and maritime trade plays a vital role in our economy. To meet this demand, the United States has established an extensive network of dedicated Marine lines connecting major ports in the United States to various parts of the globe. The United States Marine line network is one of the most developed in the world. The United States has many seaports, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Miami and New Orleans. These ports connect all parts of the globe, including Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Australia. In the United States, dedicated lines cover a wide range of ship types, including large container ships, bulk carriers, oil tankers, liquefied natural gas carriers and dry bulk carriers.

Officially based on the extensive and mature Marine dedicated line network of the United States, the Marine dedicated line channel to the United States has the advantages of many choices, low price and stable timeliness. Our company provides the Marine line in the United States to achieve point-to-point transportation, from the shipping place to the destination location directly. It will not stay in other locations during the period, which can meet the needs of different cross-border sellers to FBA warehouse in the United States, private address, overseas warehouse, etc.

Ii. Limitation of shipping in the United States

American Marine export goods can be provided in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai ports LCL, FCL, 11 to 20 days after departure, the time limit is guaranteed.

Iii. FBA shipping cooperation process of the United States

1. Place an order: First of all, cross-border sellers can choose to place an order online on the platform of Dinghuan International Logistics Company, or contact the salesman to place an order for delivery; When placing an order, the basic information of goods sent to the UK by air should be sorted out in advance, including name of goods, number of pieces, material, use, quantity, detailed address of receiving goods, postcode, city, contact telephone number, recipient information;

2, delivery: Ding ring international logistics company to provide sellers with door-to-door delivery services, sellers can choose to deliver to the warehouse or by Ding ring company door-to-door delivery. The goods will be transported from the seller to the warehouse where the forwarder company is located. After the goods arrive at the warehouse, we will arrange measurement and verification, check whether the specifications and weight of the outer packaging of the goods meet the requirements, arrange the allocation of the goods on the board, and conduct domestic customs declaration at the same time.

3. Reserve international shipping space

After accepting the commission, the staff of Ding Ring International logistics company will confirm the appropriate shipping date and book shipping space to the shipping company in the first time according to the cargo situation, delivery time and the requirements of the client, and timely feedback to the guests.

4. Container loading/returning

After booking the shipping space, arrange the trailer to pick up the container at the container terminal, and load the container at the place designated by the client. After the loading of the goods is completed and the seal is affixed, arrange to return the goods to the terminal.

5. General trade export declaration

After the container arrives at the international shipping terminal, Dinghuan International Logistics will arrange the export declaration of the goods, follow up the progress of the cargo declaration, and timely communicate and coordinate with the client.

6. Prepare international shipping bill

After sailing, Dinghuan International Logistics will issue the notice and invoice to the principal, and inform the principal of the estimated time of arrival.

7. Delivery of international ocean bill of Lading

After the ship arrives at the port, Dinghuan International Logistics will immediately arrange customs clearance and delivery to the designated warehouse address.

Iv. Shipping Routes and Channels from China to the United States

(1) Air routes

1. The Spanish-American route

Most container ships from Chinese ports to the US use the Spanish-American route. Taking the US-Spain route from China to the United States has the advantages of short shipping distance, short shipping time and low shipping cost. Matson, Star, COSCO, CUL and other ships call at the ports of West America. Matson Clipper series, Star Clipper series and Yantian series are all on the West America route, mainly calling at ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles and other ports, depending on the actual route.

2. America East Route

The East-US route mainly calls at the Port of Houston and the Port of Miami, and there are not as many flights as the West-US route. Recently, however, some ships have been diverted to the Port of Houston due to congestion at major ports in the United States and West.

(2) China to the United States maritime special line channel

1. Shipping card distribution channel

For FBA shipping in the United States, Meisen Clipper, Star Clipper and Yantian General ship are selected for the first voyage, which can receive general goods with internal electric and weak magnetic field and send them to FBA warehouse of Amazon by card at the end.

2. Shipping channels of UPS

Meisen Clipper, Yexing Clipper and Yantian General vessel are selected for the first shipping, which can receive internal electric and weak magnetic general goods, and pick up and deliver the goods to the FBA warehouse of Amazon by UPS at the end.

3, shipping direct delivery channels

Yantian direct delivery to the Amazon FBA warehouse, the price is very favorable, Amazon sellers are keen to choose the channel in recent years.

Five, Ding Ring international shipping to the United States special line service six advantages

1. Simple procedures:

One-stop import and export service platform, providing customers with customs declaration, inspection, logistics, insurance, foreign exchange collection, tax refund and other foreign trade transaction services, simple procedures;

2. Strong customs clearance ability:

After more than 10 years of development, Dinghuan International Logistics company has built a professional, efficient FBA operation team and overseas warehouse and overseas customs clearance team, goods pass fast, low product inspection rate.

3. Many channel choices:

Ding ring international developed the United States east, the United States west of a number of routes, sufficient positions, the back end can use card pie, express delivery two ways, channel diversification, can choose more;

4. It's cheap:

Our company has been deeply engaged in the international logistics industry for more than ten years, and has developed hundreds of cross-border logistics dedicated lines.

5. Transparent, safe and controllable transportation process:

Ding Ring international logistics to provide independent logistics tracking system, customers can real-time tracking order transportation process and clearance progress, important goods can be on the value and time insurance, not afraid of losing goods, not afraid of out of stock;

6. Guaranteed service:

The company provides online service price configuration, but also equipped with 24 hours of one-to-one dedicated line consulting services, domestic and foreign seamless docking of every detail of transportation, to provide good customer experience;