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German air freight

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German air special line is the air special line channel provided by Dinghuan International Logistics for cross-border sellers to take off from the three major airports of Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong and cooperate with many airlines to fly directly to Germany (including German charter special line service). At the back end, German local truck and express are used for delivery. Meet the auto parts, lighting, sports, clothing, textile, home, furniture, 3C products and other industries of high time and low cost air freight to Germany, and has sensitive special channel, can send live products, sensitive goods, paste, cosmetics and so on. German Airfreight line can meet the time requirements of sellers on cross-border e-commerce, ebay, AliExpress, Lazada, Wish, Newegg, Dunhuang, Ali International, Amazon, Konga,Jumia, Kilimail, Linio and other platforms.

Germany is located in the Western Europe plate, is the economic center of Europe, has a congenital geographical advantage. Frankfurt Airport (FRA) in Germany is the largest airport in Europe, and also the largest airport in terms of cargo volume. Therefore, the flight batches of German air transport are very optional, and the space is sufficient, which is one of the main channels of air transport in Europe.


I. Limitation of German international air dedicated line

Germany air special line, can provide direct flights to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, 1-2 days after the flight to arrive, the time guarantee is strong.

2. Calculation method of cargo weight

At present, the common German air freight on the market is mainly divided into two kinds by weight calculation and volume calculation. It is suggested that the seller choose the right mode of transportation according to the characteristics of the goods reasonably, which can save a lot of logistics costs for the enterprise.

1. Volume of goods = length (cm)× width (cm)× height (cm)÷6000= volume weight;

Volume weight = Volume of goods (cubic meters) x 167kg x total number of goods;

2. Actual weight = physical weight of goods after weighing;

Billing weight = volume weight compared with actual weight, the greater is the weight of transportation cost calculation; Freight is usually calculated in kg. If the weight is less than 1 kg, it is calculated as 1 kg. Ding Ring international logistics Germany air special line price is cheap, customs clearance ability is strong, high time security.

Iii. Germany International air freight forwarding operation process

1. Place an order: First of all, cross-border sellers can choose to place an order online on the platform of Dinghuan International Logistics Company, or contact the salesman to place an order for delivery; When placing an order, the basic information of the goods sent to Germany by air should be sorted out in advance, including the name of the goods, the number of pieces, the material, the use, the quantity, the detailed address of the recipient, the postcode, the city, the contact number and the information of the recipient.

2. Receiving: Ding Ring international logistics company to provide sellers with door-to-door delivery services, sellers can choose to deliver to the warehouse or by Ding ring company door-to-door delivery. The goods will be transported from the seller to the warehouse where the forwarder company is located. After the goods arrive at the warehouse, measurement and verification will be arranged to check whether the specifications and weight of the outer packaging of the goods sent to Germany meet the requirements, and the goods will be allocated on the board, and domestic customs declaration will be conducted at the same time.

3. Out of the warehouse: The goods are out of the warehouse and transported to the airport cargo station, waiting for security check in the unloading area.

4. Inspection: The process of security inspection includes domestic inspection, packing list inspection, product inspection and routine inspection. If the inspection is not exceptionally simple, it can be completed in 1-2 days.

5. Release: After the inspection is passed, the goods are released and arranged to wait for take-off in the engine room.

6. After taking off, the aircraft will have an early warning before landing. After landing, the plane will remove the plate at the airport, place the cargo transport in the designated warehouse of the airport, and inform the customs clearance agent to pick up the cargo.

7. The supervision warehouse shall be responsible for customs clearance after the customs clearance office completes the delivery procedures.

8. Deliver

Ding Ring International Logistics of Germany air special line is simple and fast, can provide customers with customs clearance, inspection, logistics, insurance, foreign exchange, tax refund and other foreign trade transaction services, simple procedures.

Iv. Matters needing attention when goods are transported by air to Germany

1. Precautions for export customs clearance detection:

About German exit Security Check: There are two ways, one is called X-ray, the other is Sniffer. Security is usually handled by the designated security department of the airline, or the special security agency of the country. Because some security check machines have poor recognition, if gray or dark gray patterns are found on the screen of the machine during security check, dark-alert will be generated and manual detection is required. dark-alert charges vary depending on the amount of time spent on detection and the weight of the goods.

2. Other notes:

(1) Weight and size: the sum of length, width and height of each piece of goods shipped to Germany by air shall not be less than 40cm. The weight of each piece of goods carried by non-wide-body aircraft generally does not exceed 80 kg and generally does not exceed 40*60*100* cm. The cargo carried by wide-body aircraft shall be determined according to the actual aircraft type. The gross weight of the goods is measured in units per kilogram, the end of which is less than 1 kilogram is rounded off. If the weight of the goods is less than 1 kilogram, it is counted as 1 kilogram.

(2) Cost: The cost is calculated by multiplying the weight of the goods by the corresponding freight rate. The freight is in the unit of "Yuan" and rounded to the following yuan. The declared value surcharge refers to the fee charged by the shipper to the carrier for the actual value delivered at the destination of the goods consigned by the shipper.

(3) Cargo insurance: German air cargo transportation risks are divided into air transportation risks and air transportation All risks. If you are flying expensive goods to Germany, do not opt out of insurance to save money. If the goods are lost or damaged, at least the insurance company will pay for them if they are insured. Our company can provide insurance agent service for all the goods to Germany by air

V. Prohibited articles of the German air line

1, dangerous goods: due to the physical and chemical properties of the goods, in the process of transportation will pose a threat to the safety of the transport of the goods. Such as acidic substances, biochemical products, toxic substances, narcotics, chemical fertilizers, gasoline, liquid, paint, radioactive biomass, etc.

2. Goods with high transportation risk: the physical and chemical properties of the goods themselves do not pose any threat to the personal safety of the transport, but the express transportation will cause the risks of the goods themselves, such as loss, damage, and cause significant losses to the consignor or carrier, such as blank invoices, cash, valuables, jewelry, stamps, stocks and securities.

3. Goods prohibited by the state: pornography, weapons, etc.

4, imitation brand, infringement products.

5. Transport prohibited/restricted articles

Six, Dinghuan international air freight to Germany special channel seven advantages

1. Simple procedures:

One-stop import and export service platform, providing customers with customs declaration, inspection, logistics, insurance, foreign exchange collection, tax refund and other foreign trade transaction services, simple procedures;

2. Strong customs clearance ability:

After more than 10 years of development, Dinghuan International Logistics company has built a professional, efficient FBA operation team and overseas warehouse and overseas customs clearance team, goods pass fast, low product inspection rate.

3. Express speed:

Provide direct air service from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong to Canada, 24 hours after the flight to Germany, the back end by the German local service providers delivery, fast time, one to two days after normal landing customs clearance can be completed;

4. It's cheap:

Our company has been deeply engaged in the international logistics industry for more than ten years, and has developed hundreds of cross-border logistics dedicated lines.

5. Transportation process transparency:

Dinghuan International Logistics provides an independent logistics tracking system, customers can real-time tracking order transportation process and customs clearance progress;

6. Guaranteed service:

The company provides online service price configuration, but also equipped with 24 hours of one-to-one dedicated line consulting services, domestic and foreign seamless docking of every detail of transportation, to provide good customer experience;

7. Wide applicability:

Business covers Amazon warehouse, overseas warehouse, commercial address, private address delivery, can meet the cross-border e-commerce, ebay, AliExpress, Lazada, Wish, Newegg, Dunhuang, Ali International, Amazon, Konga,Jumia, Kilimail, Linio and other platform sellers demand German airfreight time and price.