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European air freight

European Air Transport ->Product Details Introduction

The European air freight dedicated line is an international air freight dedicated line logistics channel developed by Dinghuan International Logistics, which integrates Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou to fly to Europe, and combines the resources of the customs clearance team to develop a European DDP express dedicated line service. It adopts the first air freight+end multi-channel delivery method, and combines the company's customs clearance team in Europe to provide cross-border sellers targeting the European market with the advantages of safety, speed, and stable time, It can meet the demand of sellers on cross-border e-commerce, eBay, AliExpress, Lazada, Wish, Newegg, Dunhuang, Alibaba International, Amazon, Konga, Jumia, Kilimail, Linio and other platforms for European air freight timeliness and price.


1、 European air freight efficiency

We take off from the three major airports in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong, and have opened direct routes to the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Austria. After boarding the flight, we can reach the destination country within 24 hours with guaranteed time.

2、 Charging standards

European air freight charges mainly include two aspects: cargo weight standards and fee rules.

(1) The weight calculation standards for international air freight lines in Europe are usually divided into two types: by volume and by actual weight. According to airline regulations, when the cargo volume is small and the weight is large, it should be calculated based on the actual weight; When the cargo volume is large and the weight is small, it is calculated by volume.

(2) European air freight charging rules:

Airlines charge international air freight according to the three regional rates set by the International Air Transport Association. Zone 1 mainly refers to North and South America, Greenland, etc; The second zone mainly refers to Europe, Africa, Iran, etc; The three regions mainly refer to Asia and Australia. The international air freight price mainly refers to the fee charged by the carrier for transporting goods in a specified weight unit (or volume), which is called the freight rate. Fare refers to the air freight between airports (AIRPORT to AIRPORT), excluding other fees charged by carriers, agents, or airports.

Choosing a professional European air freight company can not only improve the safety and timeliness of cargo transportation, but also effectively reduce the cost of cargo transportation.

3、 Advantages of Dinghuan International Logistics in Providing European Air Transport Special Line Services

1. Diversified channels: Dinghuan International Logistics has established UK dedicated lines, German dedicated lines, French/Italian/Western/Austrian dedicated lines under the European air freight line. The backend can choose express delivery and card delivery according to demand, quickly solving air freight and customs clearance problems in different European countries, with very high efficiency.

2. Rich channel resources: The aviation trunk line resources are abundant, and the frequency of channel shipments is high. There are fixed cabins in both China and Hong Kong, and the goods that enter the warehouse on the same day can be arranged for shipment on the same day;

3. Low risk of customs clearance: supervised warehouse clearance in the local country, single invoice clearance of non tax goods, and inspection without affecting other goods;

4. Transparency of fees: Single billing throughout the entire process, free of port of origin, all miscellaneous fees at the destination port are only charged with freight and customs duties (excluding customs inspection fees)



4、 European International Air Transport Service Process

1. Place an order: Firstly, cross-border sellers can choose to place an order online on the platform of Dinghuan International Logistics Company, or contact a salesperson to place an order for shipment;

2. Receipt: Dinghuan International Logistics Company provides door-to-door delivery services for sellers, who can choose to deliver the goods to the warehouse or have Dinghuan Company pick them up at their doorstep. The goods are transported from the seller's hands to the warehouse where the freight forwarding company is located. After the goods arrive at the warehouse, measurement and verification will be arranged to confirm, and the pallet allocation will be arranged. At the same time, domestic customs clearance will be carried out.

3. Outgoing: The goods are taken out of the warehouse and transported to the airport cargo station, waiting for security inspection in the unloading area.

4. Inspection: The process of security inspection includes domestic inspection, packing list inspection, product inspection, and routine inspection. If the inspection is normal and simple, it can be completed in 1-2 days.

5. Release: After passing the inspection, the goods are released and arranged to wait for takeoff in the cabin.

6. After takeoff, there will be a warning for the aircraft before landing. After landing, the aircraft will be dismantled at the airport, and the goods will be transported and placed in the designated warehouse at the airport. At the same time, customs clearance will be notified to come and pick up the goods.

7. After the customs clearance bank completes the pick-up procedures, the supervising warehouse is responsible for customs clearance.

8. Delivery

5、 Precautions

When transporting the following goods by air in Europe, attention should be paid to packaging requirements:

(1) The packaging of goods should ensure that they are not damaged, lost, leaked, damaged, or contaminated with aircraft equipment or other items during transportation.

(2) Prohibited or restricted items, dangerous goods, valuables, confidential documents and information are not allowed to be carried within the packaging of goods.

(3) Precise, fragile, shockproof, pressureproof, and non reversible goods must have corresponding packaging measures and indication signs to prevent damage to the goods.

(4) The shipper shall indicate the departure station, arrival station, and the unit, name, and detailed address of the shipper and consignee on the outer packaging of each piece of goods. When using old packaging, the shipper must remove the old labels and labels from the old packaging.

(5) The packaging of special goods such as live animals, perishable items, and valuable items should comply with the specific requirements for various goods in air transportation.

2. Information required for European air freight

European air freight line customs usually require the following types of information: an English version of the inspection certificate and an English version of the inspection report; The certificate and report should include color images of the product, testing batch number, and comply with EU testing standards;

3. Customs clearance requirements for special categories

European countries are concerned about lighting, eyewear Printers, beauty masks, beauty equipment, children's toys, mobile phones, bicycles and their accessories, textiles, shoes, Bluetooth products, large electrical products, and some LED products have special requirements for customs clearance. To ensure the safety and timely delivery of goods to the destination warehouse, and not affect everyone's sales, it is necessary to communicate with logistics partners and choose appropriate customs clearance channels before shipping the above goods.