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Mexico Air Transport

Mexico Air Transport ->Product Details Introduction

The Mexican air freight line is an international logistics line provided by Dinghuan International Logistics Company. Through cooperation with internationally renowned air freight companies, goods are transported to Mexican warehouses through air delivery. In order to ensure a safer, timely, and efficient operation of air transportation services from China to Mexico, Dinghuan International Logistics specializes in providing Mexican air transportation lines departing from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. The company has established a dedicated office in Mexico to provide Mexico air transportation and delivery services for a wide range of seller customers.



1、 Mexican air freight efficiency

Mexico air exports, Dinghuan International can provide direct flights to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong, which can arrive within 2-3 days after boarding the flight, and can be dispatched to the warehouse within 4 days after takeoff, with guaranteed timeliness.

2、 Mexico Air Transport Channel

There are three channels for the Mexican air freight line, with different timelines and prices.

(1) Mexican air direct flight: Direct flight refers to the same flight from the departure airport to the destination airport. There is a possibility of landing and stopping in the middle, or not landing and flying directly to the destination. If a stopover is required, the flight only lands midway and then continues on the same flight to the next destination.

(2) Mexican air transit channel: The transit is to land midway and switch to another flight, continuing the next flight through another flight. When transferring midway, it is necessary to unload the cargo at the air freight station, load another plane, and continue the next journey to the destination. There are those who have changed opportunities once, and there are also those who have changed opportunities multiple times.

(3) Mexican air freight assembly: Assembly refers to a method of air freight that combines multiple goods and produces a single air waybill.

Mexico is a developing country located in the southern part of North America, bordering the United States to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the south and west, Belize, Guatemala, and the Caribbean to the southeast, and the Gulf of Mexico to the east. Its area reaches nearly 2 million square kilometers, making it the 14th largest country in the world in terms of area. Its total population exceeds 130 million, making it the largest populous country in the Spanish speaking world and the second most populous country in Latin America (after Brazil). Mexico is a federal state, including 32 states; Its capital and largest city, Mexico City, is also a state. Based on the solid foundation of the Mexican automotive industry, in recent years, the aerospace industry has developed into one of the most dynamic industries in Mexico. Therefore, the Mexican air freight line is also one of the main cross-border logistics channels chosen by many sellers for FBA in Mexico.


3、 Data preparation and operation process for international air transportation in Mexico

1. Materials that the client needs to prepare:

After selecting a Mexican air freight dedicated service provider to deliver the goods, the commissioning party needs to provide timely information on the goods and materials, such as product name, product quantity, net weight, container specifications, destination and destination recipient name, detailed address, mobile phone, delivery time, sender name, mobile phone, detailed address, etc.

2. The documents required for the Mexican air freight line mainly include:

(1) Letter of Authorization for International Freight Consignment;

(2) Customs declaration authorization letter;

(3) Export declaration form (stamped with the customs declaration seal of the export business unit);

(4) Packing list (stamped with the official seal of the export business unit);

(5) Invoice (stamped with the official seal of the export business unit);

(6) Sales contract (stamped with the official seal or contract special seal of the export business unit);

(7) Agreement on contracting export goods;

(8) Export goods clearance form (commodity inspection certificate), if required;

(9) Other submission documents.

3. Shipping process for Mexico's air freight line cooperation

(1) Stock up: Provide product name, image, number of pieces, weight, volume, declared value, and Amazon warehouse.

(2) Warehousing: According to the pre reserved code, deliver to the warehouse in advance.

(3) Air freight: After confirming the goods, package and board them according to the system plan, perform outbound scanning, and send them directly to the FBA warehouse by air freight.

(4) Export: express customs declaration, general trade customs declaration with tax refund, three free customs declaration without tax refund, etc.

(5) Arrival: By air freight, after the goods arrive at the designated port, FBA freight forwarding company arranges customs clearance. And make an appointment to deliver the goods to the FBA warehouse.

4、 Shenzhen to Mexico air freight, Dinghuan International logistics service advantage

Multiple branches in the Greater Bay Area of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, etc., receiving goods 24 hours a day;

Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong have three dedicated flight routes, with CV&CX arriving at MEX within 20 hours to solve the seller's stock out crisis;

Strong overseas customs clearance capabilities, providing tax inclusive import services to solve the problem of difficult customs clearance for products from different sellers;

Formally declare customs duties to ensure customs clearance efficiency;

Point to point delivery, warehouse to warehouse, no need to go through the central sorting warehouse, low box breakage rate;

Automatic delivery time, flexible and convenient communication;

Air freight+truck dispatch, ensuring the safety of goods during the final journey;

An independent logistics tracking system, visualized logistics tracking, can grasp the transportation process of goods anytime and anywhere;

Time limit: Card delivery to warehouse within 4 days after takeoff by Mexican air freight.