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Air freight in the United States

International Air Transport ->US Air Transport ->Service Details Introduction

Dinghuan International Logistics has been rooted in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area for many years, relying on regional advantages to serve global customers. Over the past decade, the company has established long-term and friendly cooperative relationships with multiple domestic airlines, and has opened multiple US air freight lines departing from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. With sufficient storage space and stable delivery time, the company meets the needs of cross-border sellers such as clothing, shoes and hats, 3C electronic products, household goods, furniture large items, automotive parts, lighting, etc. for air freight prices and delivery time.

Air freight in the United States is an international logistics channel that relies on major airports in the United States to transport goods to the United States through cargo planes or passenger planes that can carry goods, and combines local economic and policy transactions for trade or other legitimate operations. American air freight has won a considerable market share with its fast, safe, and punctual ultra high efficiency, greatly shortening delivery times, and playing a significant role in accelerating capital turnover and circulation in the logistics supply chain.


1、 US air freight efficiency

Our company can provide direct flights to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong through three channels for air exports from the United States. The flight usually takes off within 24 hours and arrives in the United States with very guaranteed time. If it is necessary to arrange storage during peak season, it is recommended to contact professionals to help recommend suitable routes.

2、 US International Air Transport Operation Process

The US FBA air freight process is as follows:

1. Stock up: Provide information about the goods, such as product name, number of pieces, weight, box size, destination and recipient name, address, phone number, shipping time, shipper name, phone number, address, etc.

2. Booking space: Our company prints the total waybill number, number of packages, weight, and volume based on the designated pre allocation plan, and directly book space with the airline.

3. Warehouse allocation: Verify the difference between the actual number, weight, and volume of goods and the predicted quantity on the consignment note. Effective utilization and reasonable allocation of reserved space and crates, and loading according to the aircraft model, crate model, height, and quantity of each flight.

4. Export customs declaration: Our company provides US air freight double clearance, tax inclusive, door-to-door, customs clearance, and delivery services, helping customers solve general trade customs declaration, including tax refund customs declaration, ATA customs declaration, etc. One stop customs declaration and clearance services are the advantages of Dinghuan International.

5. Customs clearance: After affixing the customs clearance seal on the waybill, it is necessary to sign the document at the airline. Only after confirming the signature can the document and goods be handed over to the airline

6. Flights: For goods that require connecting transfers, after the goods are shipped out, our company will contact the airline to provide transfer information for second and third routes to ensure the timeliness and effectiveness of the cargo information

7. Customs clearance and delivery of goods upon arrival: After the goods arrive at the designated port, our company is responsible for arranging customs clearance, pick-up, and delivery by a local company in the United States.

3、 Charging standards

At present, the common air freight rates on the market, even to the United States, are mainly divided into two types: calculated by weight and calculated by volume. It is recommended that sellers choose appropriate transportation methods based on the characteristics of the goods, which can save a lot of logistics costs for the enterprise.

The following are two methods for calculating the weight of air freight to the United States:

1. Volume algorithm: A=Unit Basic Freight (MTQ) x Total Volume (CBM)

2. Quantity algorithm: B=Unit Basic Freight (TNE) x Total Gross Weight (KGM)

Volume weight=cubic meter (CBM) x167/KG;

Usually, the minimum shipping volume for FBA air shipments in the United States is from 21KG, and if it is less than 21KG, it will be charged at 21KG.

4、 Dinghuan International Logistics provides dedicated air freight services to the United States, with the following advantages

1. Price discount: Even air freight exports to the United States have very favorable prices

2. Fast delivery time: Export to the United States, providing direct flights from Shenzhen/Changzhou/Shanghai/Hong Kong, usually within 24 hours after boarding the flight, with strong time guarantee.

3. Full exemption of procedures: Our company provides free pick-up and pick-up services, without worrying about complicated customs procedures such as customs declaration and inspection (if necessary, we can handle it on our behalf)

4. Focusing on American air freight one-stop services, we have a company in the United States that can provide initial FBA services such as overseas warehousing, processing returns, printing Amazon labels, labeling, and container sorting.

5. Service is in place: it is a 24-hour one-stop service, providing comprehensive export services from picking up, packaging, customs declaration, commodity inspection, warehousing, customs clearance at the destination port, paying customs duties on behalf of others, and door-to-door delivery.

5、 Precautions

(1) Packaging requirements for Amazon FBA to the United States:

The FBA packaging from Amazon to all countries is basically standardized:

1. For FBA goods, in order to ensure normal FBA scanning, at least 2 FBA barcode labels (one in the front and one in the back) need to be affixed to each box of the outer box;

2. FBA label stickers are covered with transparent tape (to achieve clear barcode font, moisture resistance, and wear resistance). If the FBA label cannot be recognized and cannot be delivered to Amazon warehouse, the consequences will be borne by the sender

3. The weight of a single piece shall not be less than 10KG, and the weight of a single piece shall not exceed 30Kg.

4. The outer box is regular and sturdy to prevent damage to the goods. Amazon warehouse rejects the goods and causes them to be lost.

5. For the convenience of customs clearance, please affix the words "madeinchina" on the outer box.

6. Refuse to accept irregular, too soft, easily deformed, or damaged or rotten outer box packaging. To ensure the safety of the goods, please try to use high-quality cardboard boxes!

7. Fragile products, please pack them well and affix fragile labels.

(2) Notes for US air freight lines:

1. When delivering the package by air to the United States, the sender should fill out each item in detail, accurately, and truthfully in English or French; When filling out, a typewriter or ballpoint pen must be used to ensure that the handwriting on each page of the waybill is clear and distinguishable; Any package with a recipient's address only as a postal box number will not be accepted or sent; The names and addresses of the recipients and senders should be detailed and accurate, and the phone number should be provided as much as possible, so that they can be contacted in a timely manner when there are problems with the package.

2. To air transport to the United States, it is necessary to understand that prohibited items such as cash and dangerous goods are not allowed to be included in the package listed in national laws and relevant regulations, as well as items prohibited by the carrier from being shipped as a package.

3. To prevent others from being greedy, the description of the goods on the waybill should never include the name of the goods, such as a mobile phone. Write the number of the waybill on the packaging box to avoid confusion between the waybill and the goods.

4. There are limitations on the length, width, height, volume, and weight of each shipment of international air freight, and each major express delivery system varies.

5. In the corresponding columns, declare the name, number, weight, declared value, country of origin and other items of the contents of the express (including documents) to the customs in detail and truthfully in English. At the same time, any kind of express (except for documents) should be accompanied by three copies of commercial invoice filled in English (at least one copy is required), which is conducive to the customs clearance of the express, or it may cause customs clearance delay.

6. If it is valuable goods, do not choose not to insure them in order to save money. If the goods are lost or damaged by air freight from Guangzhou to the United States, and if the goods are insured, at least the insurance company can still provide compensation.